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Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 21 ratingThis Course1 ratingThis course is intended as a first step for learners who seek to become producers of social science research. It is organized as an introduction to the design and execution of a research study.

It introduces the key elements of a proposal for a research study, and explains the role of each. It reviews the major types of qualitative and quantitative data used in social science research, and then introduces some of the most important sources of existing data available freely or by application, worldwide and for China.

The course offers an overview of basic principles in the design of surveys, including a brief introduction to sampling. Basic techniques for quantitative analysis are also introduced, along with a review of common challenges that arise in the interpretation of results.

Professional and ethical issues that often arise in the conduct of research are also discussed. The course concludes with an introduction to the options for further study available to the interested student, and an overview of the key steps involved in selecting postgraduate programs and applying for admission.

Learners who complete the course will be able to make an informed decision about whether to pursue advanced studies, and should be adequately prepared to write an application for postgraduate study that exhibits basic understanding of key aspects of social science research paradigms and methodologies 26 Jun 2017 - Video created by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for the course Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 2 . By the end of this week you should be able to be aware of the options you have for further study in social science research and know the steps to .

Explore the big questions in social science and learn how you can be a producer of social science research.

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0:00I'm going to share some thoughts about preparing your research proposal or writing samples as part of your application for post-graduate study. Again, I'll be sharing some thoughts that I have after many years spent on admissions committees, both at my current institution and my previous institution.

So some of these may be personal, and they might not be the same as what you might hear from somebody else. But I hope there are things that you will keep in mind as you prepare your research proposal or your writing sample.

So most postgraduate programs, especially research-based programs will require either a research proposal or a writing sample as part of the application that's separate from the personal statement. Again the personal statement is really about you and how the program will help you fulfill your goals and advance your career.

The research proposal, or the writing sample, is to demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed in a post graduate program. 1:12is especially important for research-based programs, because they are looking for people who have some demonstrated capacity to work independently. And one of the best pieces of evidence for that will be in the writing sample or the research proposal.

1:32you prepare your research proposal, then you want to do so with some care.

You want to put your best foot forward when you submit your application 1 Mar 2010 - We investigate NSF award summaries, proposal references, publications by the funded researchers, and citations to those publications. Our integration measure and science overlay maps show that these ROLE/REESE programs have facilitated interdisciplinary research. NSF program managers were able .

Relevance to the themes of the program is especially important. So, most of the time, if you're applying to a particular program, maybe in sociology, or economics, or something, you want to find a writing sample, maybe some paper that you've done previously, that is in deed relevant to that discipline, as opposed to something that has nothing to do with it at all.

Again, you're using the writing sample or the research proposal to showcase on one hand your ability or at least your potential to conduct independent research. And you also want to show that you have some fit for the program and that you have at least some basic prior training that means, that whatever program you go into will not have to start from scratch in terms of training you.

2:41demonstrate mature understanding of the concerns, the paradigms, the data, the methods of the discipline. So again, it should reflect some prior exposure.

Now, this will be easier to write if your UG major was directly relevant to the post-graduate program to which you're applying. Or alternatively, your thought program is directly relevant. Now, even though programs may expect admitted students to change their interests after they start the program, they will want the proposal to be realistic.

Again, for what it informs the program about the potential of the student 11.1 INTRODUCTION The Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an important class of wireless technology that is being used for maritime navigation. In this chapter, we offer an in-depth survey of the research proposals that have exploited maritime data specifically generated by the AIS to propose applications and .

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The program may not force you do follow up and do that exact subject or topic once you're in the program. Rather it is used as away of evaluating your fitness for graduate study, your adequacy of your prior training and your capacity for independent thinking.

So a proposal, now even though it, again it may change. You may go on and do something difference once you're in a program.

It should be realistic in a sense that it should be something that you as a student could expect to complete in the course of the program, because you need to show that you have a mature understanding of what the program is about. 4:18We're going to recap what we talked about actually in a previous lecture, I'll just go through this very quickly.

But you want to talk about the aims of your research. What are the broad goals, what's the question you're trying too address? What are the expected impacts and significance? So, why is it important that the research be done? How is it going to advance the field? You'll need a background or a literature review that shows again that you have some prior training, adequate exposure to the key literature within the field. You have to have some discussion of methodology.

How are you going to actually analyze the data that you collect, qualitative or quantitative, to address the topic in which you're interested.

And finally, I want to talk about the data that you're going to use 15 Dec 2017 - You need to explain your good ideas to a panel of. It is possible to write an essay We all could find it simple write a paper, essay or research article. Doing so will help you steer away from jargon and. After years of reviewing written proposals from hundreds of. Research Proposals - Abstract or Summary..

So these are all things that we talked about in a prior lecture, but I'm just recapping them. These are all elements that should be in a research proposal, that you submit as part of your application to a graduate program.

5:23One is that, your research proposal should make it clear that you have a question in mind. So you want to link what you're doing to the concerns of the discipline, the field.

And you also want to make clear that you're not simply trying to prove something. I saw a lot of applications like this already years where, somebody applying to a PhD program, and already decided that something was true.

That they already knew the answers, and their idea of the PhD program was to give them the tools that they needed, to at some level prove to somebody else something that they already thought was true. So they almost thought of the PhD or research-based program almost like a law program, where they're giving you the tools that you need to convince somebody else of something that you've already decided is true. In fact, we don't necessarily do our research because we think something is already true.

When we conduct our research we're supposed to keep an open mind and admit to the possibility that our expectations may not bear out Jump to How to order a navigation technology research proposal 100 - A case study works on the same principle.Some clients want to get a “peek behind the curtain,” and see the processes involved in your work.Where to buy a case study navigation technology no plagiarism double spaced editing 48 hours .

So if you sound like you've already figured out all the answer and you just need a PhD program. To give you some training and statistics so that you can go out and convince other people of the righteousness of your beliefs.

So a proposal in which you want to just go out and look at something that you think is really cool, and learn more about it without some sense of question, without some sense of a hypothesis. You're going to be spending several years in a research-based program, and people will want to see that you can actually formulate a question based on some expectations or hypothesis, before you go out and start doing research. 7:29So, when we see proposals where people actually, again at some point, they've decided that they want to fight for the rights of a particular group or they want to advance some cause, and they think the whole point of a Master's or a PhD is to help them make a case for some group that they're interested in to help, bring understanding to some particular group. That generally isn't going to go over well because that's not what research is about.

It maybe entirely fine as something to do but it's not something that you typically do in graduate school DO read the call for the proposal (CFP) very carefully and follow all the recommendations regarding formatting and fonts. DO cover all the George H. Heilmeier (1936-2014) was a distinguished US research engineer who carried out pioneering work on liquid-crystal display (LCD) technology while at RCA. Heilmeier went .

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This relates the idea of avoiding proposals for purely exploratory studies. So if your proposal seems to suggest that you're just going to go out and spend some time, six months a year, two years studying some phenomenon that you find interesting.

But about which you have real no priors, you have no expectation or no sense of question, that's not going to be as compelling as a proposal where you actually lay out some kind of hypotheses, some kind of expectations and you talk about how you're going to test them. Now, sometimes, in fact, commonly, for North American applications, you'll be asked to include a writing sample and perhaps not submit a research proposal.

So the writing sample that you attach to your submission should showcase your ability to conduct research. So a term paper, a final project, a senior thesis that includes a research component is appropriate, especially if it's related to the topic of the program to which you are applying.

You may write beautifully but if an essay is simply an opinion piece which doesn't showcase your ability to research, that may not do as good of a job as convincing an admissions committee, as a research piece that really show cases that you have some potential for conducting independent research. 9:429:45I would generally discourage you from doing that.

Generally try to find something that is related to the program to which you are applying.

So if you're applying to an economics degree, then don't submit something that you wrote for a anthropology course and vice versa, unless you can really argue that there is some connection there Jump to Where to buy an navigation technology research proposal junior 4 - Your primary research tools will be in the NMSU-A library 5 days ago - Jump to Who can help me write my custom performing arts research - You should not imagine that you will be writing your proposal on your own Help me How .

So overall, your research proposal or your writing sample are going to be important elements in determining whether or not you're accepted to especially a research-based program. So it's especially important that you think carefully about these before you send them in.

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