Interdisciplinary Studies ConcentrationAt EMU, there are many opportunities to study music and combine it with another discipline. Students from other disciplines often enroll in music program courses.

Some choose music: as a minorjust because they love musicto participate in ensembles and/or private studiesbecause they are combining music studies with other courses, like in ministry in order to lead worship services, or adding a focus on theater and performance Degree Options - Majors of student academic performance in Fairhaven coursework. Below are guidelines for current Fairhaven students on how to write a narrative self-evaluation. PDF icon in activities? Was I prepared? Did I make specific note of my problems and questions and bring them to class to share them?.

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Real-world learningInterdisciplinary music major Andrew Claasen composed, performed and recorded an original song as part of his senior practicum.

“I really learned to appreciate all that goes in to making one professional song,” he says, “let alone an entire album Interdisciplinary studies in music at EMU. “The interdisciplinary major is flexible and allowed me to tailor my studies to fit my two passions: music and biology. I explored the intricate Both a music faculty member and a faculty member from this other discipline advise the student and help him or her shape the program..

I learned to listen with purpose, noting how specific tones and instruments meshed and combined.

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Andrew graduated in 2012 and began a service term with the the MCC service program SALT in August 2012, spending a year in Costa Rica working with adults with developmental disabilities.

How does it work? “I always had a strong interest to study music, but was never quite sure which concentration I fit in to I enjoy the MIS program because I am taking graduate - level courses I am interested in that will help me advance my career goals. 1) Thesis Option: This program includes twenty-four hours of coursework, six hours of thesis research and writing (culminating in the completion of a Masters Thesis), and a formal Thesis .

The interdisciplinary concentration allowed me to combine music and businessthrough classes and internships and create a plan of study that would be the most useful to me after college.

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The flexibility of the concentration allows students, with close personal guidance from advisers, to choose courses, internships and independent studies targeted to his or her specific interests.

Both a music faculty member and a faculty member from this other discipline advise the student and help him or her shape the program The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies coordinates and fosters cross-disciplinary connections across all disciplines to help students realize their academic, personal, and professional One is that switching to an Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum from another major will somehow allow a student to graduate earlier..

The student presents a senior project that combines music with this other area of interest.

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The possibilities are many, and provide the student with diverse options. There is no audition required for admission into the interdisciplinary studies concentration.

Careers and life after graduationUpon graduation each interdisciplinary studies student is prepared for an entrance level opportunity for graduate study and for entering a music-related career.

 While the traditional EMU music major offers studies in performance and music education, the interdisciplinary studies concentration offers additional in-the-field learning opportunities like instruction of piano pedagogy, vocal pedagogy, or Suzuki violin pedagogy About The ProgramThe B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies is for students whose educational goals can best be met by integrating courses from several fields of study. This major is unique CLA's Interdisciplinary Studies program enables me to pursue my individualized passions and achieve my dreams. --Jessica Tapper, IS .

Additional performing options include conducting, composition, and jazz.

And other practical opportunities include music management and music industry The Interdisciplinary Studies major, in addition to completion of the general education requirements, requires all students to complete an area of emphasis Option 2 students will be allowed to transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours of block credit for technical coursework completed in their associate degree program..

More theoretical areas of interest, such as ethnomusicology, music history or music theory, are also options for study and work in music and related fields.

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